BYLAWS — a document written to direct the board of SFMA in their governance of the organization

CLOSED MARKET – a market that does not admit daily vendors.

CONSTITUTION – a document written to express the mission of SFMA as well as presenting the primary guide for its operation.

GOVERNING DOCUMENTS – constitution, by-laws and rules and regulations

JOINT MEMBERSHIP – when two people share a membership in SFMA, joint members work together in a manner such that the products produced by each is inseparable. (joint membership is granted at the discretion of the board)

LOCALLY PRODUCED – products produced in Saratoga, Washington, Rensselaer or Schenectady counties of New York State exclusively.

MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING– A member who follows the SFMA rules and has paid all the fees assessed.

MEMBERSHIP – is the right of an individual to attend and vote at SFMA membership meetings run for office and apply to be a vendor at SFMA markets also all members of the association

OPEN MARKET – A market that accepts daily vendors

RULES AND REGULATIONS—a document written to guide and inform the members of SFMA of their duties and obligations

SFMA – an acronym for Saratoga Farmers Market Association

VENDOR – A members of SFMA who has been accepted to sell their products at a SFMA market.

WORK SHARE – is a cooperative effort between members and the association to form an alliance where members use their time and talent to help with publicity, special events or other duties deemed helpful to the market. Work share is mandatory; members who do not participate in the program will be charged $250.