Safety Guidelines for Farmers Markets (04-06)

1.Vendors using grills, heaters or other flame type appliances at the market must have an appropriate fire extinguisher visible and reachable.

2. Signs advertising the markets should be positioned in a manner that will not obstruct the view of drivers or pedestrians.

3. Signs should be secured to avoid movement, which may cause damage to property or injury to individuals.

4. Prior to the opening of a market, the area should be policed to remove any trash or litter, which may cause injury. Continued vigilance is necessary during and after the market to keep trash in its place.

5. Care should be exercised to keep the market area dry and slip resistant.

6. Vendors should have their vehicles and stands in place a half-hour before the opening of the market. Care should be exercised to keep materials out the walkway during set-up.

7. Vehicles should have parking brakes set and/or wheels chocked.

8. No vehicles shall be allowed in the walkway during the market.

9. Vendors should avoid bringing unsafe vehicles to the market such as those leaking liquids or having any other defect, which may cause peril at the market.

10. Display tables, boxes, baskets, etc. should be free of sharp edges, splinters, nails, staples, or anything else which may cause injury.

11. Vendors stands should be safe and orderly; umbrellas and tarps should be securely anchored to prevent movement by the wind, they should not hang over the walkway to create a hazard.

12. Vendors, in consultation with the market manager should create displays that minimize the chance of customer accidents. Merchandise boxes, tables, plants etc., should be arranged in a manner to prevent customers from tripping over anything. Final placement of displays is the discretion of the market manager.

13. Vendors should either create a customer walkway through their area or barricade it to prevent access; any other option could create a hazardous condition.

14. Perishable items should be displayed to prevent contamination or spoilage.

15. All food products must comply with the Ag and Markets Department and the Health Department Standards regarding packaging preparation, display, producer and disclosure of ingredients.

16. Produce exposed to chemicals as a part of the production process should not be sold until the recommended time for chemical degeneration has passed.

17. All containerizing and weighing should be done in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Department of Ag and markets

18. Vendors should be able to provide customers with accurate information regarding the production of their product.

19. Vendors may not bring pets to the market.

20. Customers should be discouraged from riding bicycles through the
market walkways.

21. Customers’ pets should be leashed or otherwise restrained.

22. Any unsafe conditions should be reported to the Market Manager.