Where can I park?

In Saratoga during the summer market season, on-street parking is available in front of the market on High Rock Avenue and nearby streets. Large municipal parking lots are located just south of the market, near the corner of Lake Avenue on High Rock Avenue. There is no charge for any parking on the street or in the lots. (If you park far away, remember we offer a Veggie Valet service on Saturdays to help transport your purchases via wagon to your car.)


At our Saratoga winter market, or the Malta and Clifton Park summer markets, each location has designated parking lots.  

Does the Farmers' Market have gift certificates?

Our Market Gift Certificates are available for purchase at the Market Shed in Saratoga. You can use a credit or debit card if that’s easier than cash. 

Where can I buy a Saratoga Farmers' Market logo item, like a t-shirt or tote bag?
The Market Shed, between the left and center pavilions, sells market totes (insulated and canvas) and stainless steel logo mugs, and other market merchandise.  
Are all the products at the markets organic?
We have some vendors who are USDA Organic or follow organic practices and are otherwise certified (via Certified Naturally Grown); other vendors use conventional growing methods. All our producers use their own products at home and are mindful of fertilizers and pest-control methods they introduce. If you have a preference for growing methods, please ask at the Market Shed in Saratoga and we will help to find vendors who meet your criteria. In Malta and Clifton Park, just inquire of the vendors.
Are there CSA farms at the market?

Some of our farms offer Community Supported Agriculture arrangements, allowing people to buy a share of the farm’s season in advance and then pick up a weekly portion of the harvest. Most farms offering such arrangements have literature and signs at their booths where you can find out more. See our current list of vendors providing CSA on our Programs page.

How can my non-profit organization or group set up an information table?

In order to have an information table at a Saratoga market, you need to send in a proposal describing your group, your purpose at the market, and what you will be setting up. You can use the form on the Contact page to do this. No fundraising is allowed at the market. If your proposal is approved, you will need to supply your own table and chairs. You will receive an assignment of the space you will occupy on the day of your appearance from the Market Manager. We cannot guarantee a specific location in advance of your arrival.

May I bring my dog to the market?
We always welcome service animals at the market. Other dogs can pose certain challenges—sometimes unexpected even to their owners—especially regarding small children, sanitation, and interactions with other dogs. If you choose to bring your dog to the market, please be prepared to fully supervise your pet at all times and take responsibility for its actions, and follow these “Market Manners for Dogs” guidelines.
How can I get all my purchases to my car?
In Saratoga, you can use our Veggie Valet service offered on Saturdays, in the tent across from the Market Shed. You get a helping hand and wagon to transport your purchases, while paying a small fee that benefits a community organization. In Malta and Clifton Park, just ask our vendors if you can leave your purchases with them for a few minutes while you make a trip or two to your vehicle. 
Does the market accept Senior or WIC farmers' market coupons?
Most of our vendors accept WIC and Seniors farmers’ market coupons. Ask the vendor directly. We encourage you to take full advantage of your benefits. If you participate in a public assistance program and need tips on how to prepare foods from the market, call a Cornell Cooperative Extension nutrition educator at 518-885-8995 (free service). 
Does the market participate in the SNAP or EBT program?
At the Saratoga Springs markets, you can present your EBT card at the Market Shed (or at the market table in the winter) and receive the same wooden tokens that are offered to our debit/credit card purchasers. At the Malta and Clifton Park markets, you will need to inquire about which vendors accept SNAP/EBT. 
Is there an ATM at the market?
In Saratoga (summer and winter), present your debit or credit card at our Market Shed information table to purchase wooden tokens accepted by all our vendors. There are no transaction fees. Any tokens you don’t use can be saved for future purchases. In Clifton Park and Malta, you will need to visit an ATM at a nearby location.   
Who can I talk with about a suggestion or question?

At the Saratoga market, please see the Market Coordinator who is usually at the Market Shed (the tiny green house between the left and center pavilions). In Malta and Clifton Park, speak with the Market Manager, who is one of the vendors responsible for site management. You can also use the Contact page and send in your question, and we’ll get back to you. 

Where are the bathrooms?

At the Saratoga High Rock Park market, there is a public bathroom located behind the Market Shed, which is between the left pavilion and the center pavilion as you face the market from the sidewalk.

At the winter Saratoga market, there are bathrooms available in the Lincoln Baths building. In Malta, bathrooms are available in the Malta Community Center. In Clifton Park, the church has bathrooms.