Almost Guilt-Free Eggnog


With New Year’s celebrations approaching, I began to think about eggnog.  I love good homemade eggnog, but always have a guilty feeling from the totally decadent nature of it.  Then a thought hit me: could you make a good eggnog without heavy cream?  What would be a good, healthy substitute?  At the time I was spooning some sublime Argyle Cheese Factory yogurt into my mouth.  Voila!  Eggnog from a yogurt base? Why not!

This eggnog is made from fresh eggs from one of our six egg vendors at the Winter Market, maple syrup from Sheldon Farms, both mixed with Argyle Cheese Factory Vanilla Crème Yogurt.  And it tastes gooooood.  Add a dash of nutmeg or splurge and add some rum or bourbon and enjoy an Almost Guilt-free Eggnog.

Ingredients  (* items available at market)

4 Farmers’ Market eggs*
1/2  cup sugar
¾ cup Argyle Cheese Factory Vanilla Crème Yogurt*
1 tsp Sheldon Farms Maple Syrup*
¼ cup whole milk from Battenkill Valley Creamery*
Whipped cream*, nutmeg, bourbon or rum (all optional)



1.  Separate eggs into two different containers (yolks in one, whites in the other).

2.  Add ¼ cup of sugar to each separated egg container and beat until frothy.

3.  In a separate container mix yogurt, maple syrup, whole milk.

4.  Add both separated beaten egg/sugar mixes to the yogurt mixture and beat.

5.  Pour into small drink glasses.

6.  Optional: Add a dollop of fresh whipped cream, sprinkle fresh grated nutmeg and/or small amount of rum/bourbon/liquor of choice.


Yum!  Happy New Year to All!