Healthy Green Juice


What type of juice is best to take during cold and flu season? According to Sydney Peyser, owner of Clarity Juice at the Saratoga Farmers’ Market, “Syd’s All Natural Flu Shot” will keep your immune system strong at this time of year.

“This natural ‘Flu Shot’ remedy is made of fresh organic jalapenos, ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper. One ounce will wake you up and warm you up on a cold winter day,” says Peyser, who sells her special blends at every Saturday market at Lincoln Baths in Saratoga Spa State Park.

Peyser began her business in 2013, after finding juice made a difference in her own health. The former Division I lacrosse player ate a diet high in carbohydrates and protein as a high-performance athlete, but found she felt better, clearer and stronger when she began adding fresh juice to her diet.

“Before, during, and after lacrosse games, all I ever drank was water, and my go-to drink, Gatorade. I never asked myself how it would help my performance, I just drank it. The turning point was when I came across the power of drinking organic vegetables. No preservatives, no artificial flavoring, just the power of nature in a bottle. I saw a huge increase in my energy, better endurance, and faster recovery.”

Fresh juice (with no added sugar or flavoring) is known to help build the immune system, improve the complexion, provide additional energy, and reduce inflammatory conditions in the body.

Clarity Juice uses organic fruits and vegetables, sourced from local farms whenever possible. Some of the farms are fellow vendors at Saratoga Farmers’ Market, including Kilpatrick Family Farm, Quincy Farm, Pleasant Valley Farm, and Denison Farm.

People are sometimes surprised by the quantity of produce used to produce a few ounces of juice. A typical glass of Clarity Juice’s Beetox, for example, includes approximately two beets, as well as apple, ginger, lemon, and orange.

The price of a juice reflects those fresh and quality ingredients, and Peyser sells various sizes to accommodate all taste-buds and wallets. “For some people, a one ounce, shot-sized cup is exactly what they want. Others prefer to make a full meal of a glass of juice, and like a larger size,” Peyser notes.

In just several months, Peyser has made good connections within the community, and now sells at farmers’ markets as well as partnering with small businesses with complimentary food offerings. “It’s fun to team up with cooks, coffee shops, yoga studios and gyms to bring some fresh juice to their customers,” she says.

The juice recipe below is for use with a juicing machine, which home cooks may not have. But even if you don’t make this at home, you may be interested in the types of produce and quantities used. Here’s to your health this winter!


Green Juice

Yields 16 ounces

It’s important to buy organic (or “Certified Naturally Grown”) ingredients. If you can only get conventional, peel the skins off before juicing. Make sure to wash well! 

2 pears

1 inch of ginger root

1 fistful of kale

1 fistful of romaine lettuce

3 stalks of celery

1 cucumber

½ lemon


Place all ingredients in juice machine according to manufacturer’s instructions.