Programs & Events

LOVE Local ❤️

In honor of Valentine’s Day weekend, we have a market all about loving our local farms and businesses and loving our loyal customers and the City of Saratoga Springs. We will have a variety of specials and Valentine’s Day offerings throughout the market! View the event on Facebook.

Help Feed the Hungry

Donate extra garden produce to the local food bank

Please bring any extra produce you have from your garden to the Market Shed, during market hours on Wednesdays, and we will make sure it goes to the EOC food bank. Our market vendors also contribute to this weekly donation.

Thanks in advance for your contributions!


Market Manners for Dogs

Many of us at the market love and own dogs. Yet, in order to ensure everyone’s safety, we ask everyone bringing a dog to the market to follow these important safety and behavior guidelines: Market Manners for Dogs.


Community Supported Agriculture

CSA SaratogaCommunity Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a unique collaboration connecting people to a local farm and farmer. When you become a CSA member, you agree to support the costs of running the farm in exchange for a share of the harvest. By contributing a membership fee in advance, you become a partner with the farmer in sharing some of the risk as well as the bounty of agricultural production.

A few of our vendors are now offering CSA programs for vegetables/fruit/eggs (Denison Farm; Kilpatrick Family Farm; Stannard Farm); vegetables (New Minglewood Farm); eggs (Elihu Farm); cheese (Argyle Cheese Farmer); meat (M&A Farm). Sometimes pick-up of these farm shares is at the market; depending on the arrangements, other pick-up points, including the farm, may be specified. Check with each vendor individually for the details.


Food Stamps / EBT / Credit & Debit Cards

In Saratoga at the green Market Shed, the market is able to process food stamp, credit cards and debit cards for purchasing market tokens that our farmers’ market merchants all accept.

You can use your food stamp card to buy market tokens, which all food merchants are able to take. The tokens come in $1 and $5 increments and never expire. Change is not given at purchase.
You don’t have to worry about running out of money to buy what you need at the market.

Our EBT machine can process your charge or debit card and give you market tokens worth $5 or $10 dollars. All vendors accept them and exact change is given. There is no charge to you for this service.

WIC and Seniors Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) Coupon Redemption

Vendors accepting WIC Vegetables & Fruit checks have a poster at their stalls.

The $4 seasonal coupons of FMNP for WIC recipients and Seniors can be used to purchase fruit and vegetables where indicated.


Market Bistro

On Wednesdays at the Saratoga market, we invite a local chef or market farm vendor to offer prepared entrees for eat-in or take-out. Small tables allow you to enjoy your meal near our performing musicians, or pack your meal to take home if you prefer.

Veggie Valet

Need help getting all your purchases to your vehicle or just need a place to drop your goods while you continue to shop? Use our Veggie Valet service, in the tent across from the Market Shed. Volunteers will “check” your bags and bring your goods to your car with a free wagon service when you are finished shopping.