Stuffing Stockings with the Local and Good


By Himanee Gupta-Carlson


A monk, Nicholas, learned of a man who was broke. Late in the night, Nicholas crept by the man’s home and threw through the window a sock loaded with gold. He did this three times, which helped make Nicholas a saint and let the man support himself and his daughters.

We fill stockings today in honor of that generous act. And with Christmas Eve approaching, we invite you to fill them at the Saratoga Farmers’ Market with sweets, treats, and gifts grown, raised, and made by our farmers and other vendors.

Need ideas? Here are a few, based on some shopping that market photographer Pattie Garrett and I did at the market last week:

Photo courtesy of Pattie Garrett

Children: For those who believe in Santa – as well as those who might have some doubts – one must start with cookies. Marcie Place of the Chocolate Spoon has everything from gingerbread men to decorate-your-own sugar cookies. Try her chocolate dipped candied citrus strips, which evoke the oranges said to symbolize the gold that Nicholas left.

After cookies, think future farmers, and connecting them with our farms. We added a Saratoga Apple Cortland, honey from Ballston Lake Apiaries, sweet Greek yogurt from Argyle Cheese Farmer and a hedgehog shaped soap from Saratoga Suds.


Photo courtesy of Pattie Garrett

Pets (and pet lovers): A walk in the park accompanied by pets is part of many market regulars’ Saturday ritual. For them, we found a Saratoga Farmers’ Market water bottle and a packet of dog treats from Something’s Brewing. We added a Kokinda Farms catnip pillow, a Feathered Antler pet portrait, and from our special holiday market, a dog collar and leash from Meg Kennen’s Spot On Soaps & Collars.  







Photo courtesy of Pattie Garrett

Newlyweds: Just about everything at the market is also a gift of romance. We chose a wine from Northern Star Vineyard paired with a wine holder made by holiday vendor William Herrington. In the holiday market, we also found hot chocolate from Saratoga Chocolate, a ring holder by ceramicist Zoe Burghard, and a dressing from Momma’s Secret Salad Dressing that features sea salt, maple syrup, and chocolate. Owl Wood kale and Puckers’ Gourmet olives created our final flourish, along with a Gomez Veggie Ville brussels sprouts stalk.



Visit the Saratoga Farmers’ Market 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturdays at the Lincoln Baths Building in Saratoga Spa State Park; follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; and contact for volunteer opportunities.